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Wow, so much has happened in a year and half, my Mackenzie is now 8 years old…wow, where has the time gone, she’s already in third grade!  Holy mackerel, I can’t be that old!  She is now a young lady; she is very into fashion and art and loves being an older sister to Riley. 

Riley, where do I begin, she is now 16 months old!  So hard to believe that this much time has passed since completing our family.  She looks up to her big sister all the time, she so wants to be just like her.  The love that my daughters share between them is immeasurable.  For now they are so in tune with each other and each thinks they are the boss!

We ended last summer with a three week driving vacation, visiting Nevada, Utah, Wyoming (we loved Cody & Yellowstone and the huge bison), South Dakota (yeah Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial and Sturgis), Montana, Idaho, Washington (Seattle and the Space Needle), Oregon (Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay) and good old California (love, love, love San Francisco).  It was an awesome three weeks of exploring for the four of us that we won’t soon forget.  We had no reservations, no schedule, just a map and we did what we wanted, when we wanted and stayed as long as we wanted, it was amazing to have that freedom!  And a big THANKS to my parents for the use of their car as it was roomy, dependable and held up well, especially when we drove it through Bear Country USA in Rapid City, South Dakota, it was pretty awesome when the huge, free roaming, black bears and grizzlies, come right up to your window and/or touch your car.   Yes, we took the girls to Sturgis to see the motorcycle rally; it was unbelievable to see that many bikes in one place.  Once I get my trike we’ll be back 😉

This summer we are thinking of another driving vacation.  As we have a cruise planned for later this year.  Maybe a week or two or three, you all know how Chris and I plan…or not…

I have to share that it brings me happiness daily to have such a wonderful family, the closeness that we share, grandparents, uncles, siblings, nieces, parents, children and grandchildren, it so great to love and be loved by so many.


The Arrival of Riley

Okay, so if I haven’t mentioned it, Mackenzie is so in love with her little sister that she can hardly contain herself. Where before she would drop anything to spend the night or visit grandma and grandpa’s house, now when we ask her, all we hear is “Is Riley going to be there”. Yes, each time we ask her that is her response.

I want to share with you, the drawings that Mackenzie has drawn since welcoming Riley into the family.

Mac’s scan from Vegas on 4-9-11 pdf

Click on the above to see what she drew on the eve of her leaving Las Vegas with my parents and my brother, as she had to return to school. The background is that we all arrived in Vegas on Friday, April 8th and were staying through Sunday, the 10th, but much to our excitement and anticipation, we welcomed Riley into our family on Saturday, April 9th! Unfortunately, due to ICPC, we could not leave Las Vegas with her until we received approval, which in our case had to go from signatures from Las Vegas to Carson City, Carson City to Orinda and Orinda back to Carson City. So much red tape, but oh so worth it! So as you will see in the picture, we are up in the hotel window and so is Riley and Riley is yelling Mac! and Mac is in the car with my parents and brother driving away from the hotel. So while she was strong on the outside, on the inside it was very emotional for her to leave her new little sister and of course mom and dad, though I don’t think she thought much of mom and dad at that time, I mean we can’t compete with a little sister. The picture reads and I’m correcting spelling here, “I’m having a good time but I wish we can take my baby home today not even tomorrow and I can’t stay! If my mom and dad leave with the baby my mom and dad could get in trouble.”

Easter Card from Mac 4-24-11 pdf

Now, click above to see the picture of the front and inside of a fold over card that Mackenzie made us for Easter, she insisted on making our Easter cards this year. All I can say is wow; she is beyond excited at the arrival of her sister. The front of the card reads, “Congratulations mom and dad” and there is a picture she drew of her and Riley and on Riley’s onesie there is a little yellow chickadee. The inside of the card reads and I am correcting spelling here to, “I want all of you to know that when I was born I had a great time but now it’s better for my life now all because I got her. Every time I look in her eyes I love her more than the other times. Love, Mackenzie

Happy 1st Easter Riley from Mac 4-24-11 pdf

The last picture above is the front and inside of a fold over card that she made for Riley for her first Easter, on the front is a bunny and a house, the house reads, “my home” and at the top of the card, it says, “Happy 1 Easter Riley”. On the inside she has written (spelling corrected), “You are a great sister and Happy 1 Easter Love big sister” it is so cute, I corrected the spelling, but as you can see she spelled sister, sitter each time, we cracked up that she’s a big sitter now!

As you can see with what I’ve shared, she is so excited and proud to be a big sister; yes, we are all so blessed with the arrival of Riley.

Mackenzie’s Track Meet

Our daughter, Mackenzie at 7 years old and in first grade, is now on the track team at school and at her first track meet, the Arcadia Civitan Track Meet at Arcadia High School on March 30th, she ran the 50 meter and also did the softball throw in the 2004 (birth year division) competition. The Arcadia Civitan Track Meet consisted of each private and public school in Arcadia. We are very excited to share with you that Mackenzie came in first place for the girls 2004 (birth year) division with a throw of 43 feet! This means that Mackenzie advanced to the next meet, the Regional San Gabriel Valley Track and Field Meet in May at Bonita High School in LaVerne, where she will compete in the softball throw. This meet will consist of participants that placed either first or second from schools in the San Gabriel Valley. This is pretty exciting for Mackenzie as well as Chris and I, it is so awesome as parents to sit there and cheer our daughter on as she participates in the meet. Win or lose, we are so very proud of her!

An Answered Prayer

God knows there’s a right time for everything and that some things are sweeter when they’re slow in coming…



Our second daughter was also brought to us through the miracle of adoption, four weeks and four days after she was born. 

Everyday, her big sister, Mackenzie prayed that she would get a little sister or brother of her own, He answered her prayers with the arrival of Riley and she is beyond excited.   God is Great!


You might have read my mom’s take on my husband, if you haven’t read it here at  MacGyver, as my post will be an off shoot of my mom’s post.

It was quite funny afterwards, you know once my daughter and I who were in the pool realized that it was not an electrical line.  My husband of course knew that it was a phone line, as he later told me, all of our electrical lines are underground.

What my mom did not tell you is that the first bird of paradise, that my husband took down with a chainsaw, actually came down and hit roof on the back of our house.  He knew it was not going to harm our house if it should hit it and so did I, but when it actually came down, it made this huge noise and it was like oh crap, this thing is really coming down.  My daughter and I were in the pool, just staring and then all of a sudden, Mac just started cracking up, she thought it was the funniest thing.  Did I mention that my husband was up 20 feet on a ladder when this was happening…with the chainsaw in hand.

The phone company finally came out to fix our phone line that my hubby had fixed with nylon rope, no really, he made a sort of Chinese finger cuff which temporarily fixed it so that we would have a working phone, other than our cell phones.

Anyways, this weekend, my hubby thought he should finish what he started when he ninja’d through our phone line, so out we went to begin the yard manicure…again.  Now the problem was the we still had to take down another bird of paradise that was by the phone line that was…well you know the story.  This time he hacked one side of the tree and tied a rope to it to make fall into another area of our yard and NOT back into the same phone line that the phone company fixed a week ago.

Well, it looked like it was going pretty good and then snap, it the tree fell and the phone line was cradling it, thank heavens it didn’t snap.  As I was freaking out, my hubby was telling me that its fine, and that he needed to just push the tree off of the phone line.  I have to admit at this time, I was preparing for the snap and another call to the phone company.  Everything worked out fine and now we only have one similar tree to go.  I’m sure it will be another post.

Everybody always laughs and teases my hubby and like my mom, calls him MacGyver, but to me, he truly is My-Guyver.


I’ve never understood why some animals eat their young, but after becoming a mother, I’ve slowly begun to understand where these mothers’s were coming from. They too must have had the following question asked by their young ones as well.

Mind you, this happened early one morning in the shower, I was barely awake and hadn’t yet had breakfast.

 Mommy, why do you have three tummies?

Of course, stupid me, I look down, like what is she talking about, I know I have two, but now three, crap, I’ll never be off my diet.

I don’t have three Mac, where do you see three?
Your boobies…
Now stop right there, those don’t count. I know about the other two, but hello boobies are not tummies.

 Now, if I were an animal, my daughter would have made for a tasty, deluxe big breakfast.

Left Out

Well, it’s taken a while, but I thought I’d better start a blog, especially since my mom, Nancy, has Aging Life.  I thought I’d better get started before my 5-year-old daughter, Mackenzie aka Macko, starts her own blog.  Yes, I hate to be left out of anything!

You see, I love to read blogs, they make me feel as though there are other crazy people like myself out there that strange things or experiences happen to as well. Yes, I’ve had the occasional pity party, you know the one, how come all of this weird stuff happens to only me,  but I’ve realized reading blogs, that hey, I’m actually pretty normal.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I’ll try to keep it as interesting and funny as my mom!



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